Can Hick Play in the Sticks?

By Sean Duffy, At a dinner the other night, I got a preview of this story, with some of the top-shelf Democrats working to entice another candidate into the race for Governor (reinforcing the anti Bill Ritter no-pro-lifers-need-apply litmus test of the Democratic party). Despite the focus on Ken Salazar, the more interesting part of the story is the Draft Hickenlooper juggernaut. Democrats clearly believe Hizzoner has the horsepower to win statewide. Really?

While I share the belief that John has been a very good mayor, and is a very good, smart guy, an interesting thought experiment is how he will play outside the Denver metro media market. For example:

* Kicking the baby Jesus down the front steps of the City and County building at Christmas.

* Pornographic comic books available to kids at the Denver Public Library, on the heels of the taxpayer-paid city librarian conducting an ACLU-backed protest at the main library.

* Is Denver a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants?

* Proposing a massively expensive social program to aid the homeless – that effective advocates for the homeless say just won’t work.

All this is shorthand, for sure. But while John earns high marks in anybody’s book for effectiveness, energy and an engaging persona, he’s made some hard-left choices that may be ignored or dismissed – and often embraced -- in Denver, but in Durango? Not so fast.