Help us stop Ray Revenue & Debbie Debt

Ray, Debbie, and all the other liberal Democrats want stack on more taxes, borrow more billions, and trash TABOR. They admitted it on the radio. Will you volunteer to help us stop them? Click here to volunteer. And read on to see what they're planning. Ray Revenue – As Democrats, we believe Coloradans should be paying more taxes.

Debbie Debt - The Democratic Party has officially endorsed the Referendum C tax increase. It would mean $3000 out of the pocket of an average family over the next five years.

Ray - Democratic legislators voted unanimously to put Referendum C on the ballot. They know that bureaucrats can spend those billions better than families can.

Debbie - Referendum C benefits include bigger government, suspension of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, and a boost for all our Democratic candidates.

Ray - Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain News said that if Democrats pass the tax increase this year, they’ll probably control the election for governor and legislature next year.

Debbie - That’s a good campaign slogan – C is for control, D is for Democrats. If you liked John Kerry, you’ll love Referendum C and D.

Ray - D is for Democrats? I thought D was for debt.

Debbie - What’s the difference? Come on, let’s head for the Democratic meeting. We’ve got a tax increase to pass.

"Ray and Debbie, Proud Democrats for C & D" Script of Radio Spot by Backbone Issue Committee Currently airing on 710AM, KNUS in Denver