Ray Revenue mocked in radio ad

"Unless we panic the voters with false fears, the C & D tax increase is dead," two imaginary campaign strategists agree in a new radio ad that began airing on Sept. 28. Click to listen. The ad is entitled "Panic Button for Higher Taxes." It makes a serious point satirically, warning voters not to believe the sky will fall if politicians lose their bid for almost $6 billion in higher taxes and deeper debt under Referendum C & D. To do your part, click the volunteer button at right.

The spot features Ray Revenue and Debbie Debt, proud Democrats supporting C & D, in their second radio appearance of the 2005 campaign. They try out several scare ideas -- from releasing violent criminals, to putting the elderly out of nursing homes, to closing colleges -- only to conclude that none are realistic even if the tax hike is defeated.

"Panic Button for Higher Taxes" is paid for by the Backbone Issue Committee, chaired by former Senate President John Andrews. It will be heard on stations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction, during the last week of September and the first week of October.

The audio is available right here. The ad script is below.


Intro: Supporters of Referendum C & D want you to think the sky is falling. What an insult. Listen to this…

Debbie Debt: I’m worried, Ray. Our 3 billion-dollar Democratic tax increase just isn’t catching on with the voters.

Ray Revenue: The only way to pass Referendum C & D is to frighten people with scare tactics and stories.

Debbie Debt: Let's run ads claiming that violent criminals will be let out of prison if C & D are voted down.

Ray Revenue: That’s not true, Debbie. Governor Owens would veto any such bill.

Debbie Debt: We can still say it. Or, we can say that old people will be thrown out of nursing homes.

Ray Revenue: That’s not true either. Governor Owens would cancel the state employees pay raise rather than do that.

Debbie Debt: At least we can threaten to close some colleges if C & D are voted down.

Ray Revenue: That’s another whopper, but let's try it. Unless we panic the voters with false fears, the C & D tax increase is dead.

Debbie Debt: What if they catch our lies?

Ray Revenue: That’s when we attack them personally. Anything to pass the tax increase.