Triad wedding illustrates downtrend

By Jeremy Schupbach Conservatives, when defending traditional marriage, often argue that allowing homosexuals to marry or to have state-sanctioned civil unions would be a slippery slope leading to polygamy, polyamory, incestual marriages, and the like. Most liberal proponents of same-sex marriage are quick to retort that there is no way that the marriage between two men or two women could eventually lead to a marriage between three people. To these liberals, please allow me to present the start of the slide.

According to the English language website,Victor de Bruijn (46) “married” both Bianca (31) and Mirjam (35) in a ceremony before a notary who duly registered their civil union. “I love both Bianca and Mirjam, so I am marrying them both,” Victor said. He had previously been married to Bianca. Two and a half years ago they met Mirjam Geven through an internet chatbox. Eight weeks later Mirjam deserted her husband and came to live with Victor and Bianca. After Mirjam’s divorce the threesome decided to marry.

This isn’t the first assault by the Dutch on traditional marriage. In 2003 Jennifer Hoes married herself !

Belgium and the Netherlands were the first countries to legalize gay marriage. What happens there serves as a useful indicator of what to expect in this country should the union of one man and one woman be cast aside in favor of more tolerant and open “marriages.”

These are just the first examples from a culture that has lost its moral way. With the basis of marriage under assault, the very foundation of western culture has been challenged. For the conservative, there may be no more crucial defense than that of traditional marriage.

by the way, this story has been completely overlooked in the main stream media. Wonder why.