London near-miss won't open Left's eyes

By Dave Petteys ( Though an unprecedented tragedy of mass murder out of London Heathrow was narrowly averted, we can count on a few things:

** The & Ned Lamonts of the world, unrepentant, will continue to advocate shutting down the surveillance and profiling that were essential in stopping this attack. They will continue their Alice in Wonderland reasoning that fighting terror is what’s causing it. It’s bit like saying pulling weeds out of your garden is what causes weeds to grow in the first place.

** In that most of those arrested were young Muslims of Pakistani origin, the Islamic groups will howl racial profiling and religious persecution.

** The Left wing bloggers and the Arab street will soon conclude it was all a conspiracy by George Bush and Tony Blair to embarrass Islam and scare the British and American people.

Most politicians begin any speech saying “America is the most powerful country in the world”. But this is not really true. We are seriously divided and extremely vulnerable. Our traditions of free speech and freedom of religion are being used against us: if we try to defend our society, we are accused of forsaking our principles!

What people don’t grasp is that the blossoms of legitimate dissent and free speech bloom only on the healthy tree of democracy. But dissenters have crossed the line to outright treason. Our enemies take advantage of our open society to actively work toward its destruction. When you think of the dislocation caused by two buildings in New York being destroyed in September 2001, can you imagine the effect of a half a dozen or more American cities disappearing in simultaneous nuclear detonations?

The blossoms don’t seem to understand that if the whole tree is uprooted, they will be the first to die.