Radio, Aug. 20: Winning or losing?

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denverand now also on 1460 KZNT, Colorado Springs To listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Why we are losing the war" is a current lecture topic being promoted by one of my guests this Sunday, Yaron Brook. As an Israeli military veteran, American entrepreneur, and president of the Ayn Rand Institute, Brook certainly doesn't want us to be losing. But he's got the backbone to confront audiences with the hard truth that maybe right now we are.

Muhammad Ali Hassan, founder of Muslims for America, returns to the show this week, and we'll see what hard truths he has to add. This is not the time for sugar-coating, friends.

And politically, right here in Colorado, there's a battle royal over who will be the next governor. Are Bob Beauprez and the Republicans winning or losing that one? Janet Rowland, Beauprez's newly announced nominee for lieutenant governor, joins us for an update.

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** Our August 20 show also features Denver singer-songwriter Linda Storey, who is NOT losing but winning against a tough adversary called MS, and Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi, whose libertarian laser touches topics from JonBenet to the Minutemen.

** And starting this weekend, Colorado Springs listeners join the conversation as 1460 KZNT begins carrying all three hours of our show in parallel with 710 KNUS. Helping me with the kickoff will be Ted Robertson, the conservative political host on KZNT with whom I shared a mike on primary night.

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