Bully boy Bill Winter embarrasses himself

By Brian Ochsner (baochsner@aol.com) Let me get this straight. Bill Winter isn't afraid of a local critic - Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute - but he's worried that Osama bin Laden will make the 6th Congressional District more of a target because Tom Tancredo speaks his mind about Islamofascism. Makes perfect sense to me... if you're using liberal logic, that is.

He sent an email to Kopel in 2004 calling him a "rabid attack dog for Bush and Cheney." He finished his email with the line: "When the revolution comes, I'll be looking for you, brother!" This sounds like something a steroid-fueled pro wrestler would say before a match. Not a congressional candidate who wants to be taken seriously as Tancredo's Democratic challenger.

Both Ways Bill seems to pick his fights pretty carefully. If he can bully someone locally, he’ll do it. But if a global terrorist can hit him back, he’s not quite as feisty. It’s a free country, and Americans have the right to have dissenting opinions. As Oliver North aptly said, “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”

However, when someone comes ‘over the top’ like Winter did with Kopel, I have to question his judgment and temperament to be considered for high elected office.