Schools shouldn't be shooter-safe zones

By Dave Petteys ( At least the shooter in Wednesday's Bailey high school tragedy was a homeless white man; think of all the victim language from liberals had it been otherwise.

But as for what to do now: Government officials will bump the gun control laws pertaining to schools up to probably 75 different regulations (from 70) and congratulate themselves for “finally doing something about the menace of firearms” until something like this happens again.

No one bothers to ask why the first 70 laws didn't protect the innocent teen who was killed. Had there been an armed teacher on the scene, proficient in the use of firearms, the story might have been different.

I have a Concealed Carry Permit, and I asked the Arapahoe Community College Police Dept, where I am an adjunct instructor, about carrying weapons on school property. “PROHIBITED!” was the officer’s immediate response. “Why is that?” I queried. “We want to be assured we’re the only ones armed on campus” he said.

Is this not the grand delusion of gun control laws? Short of airport-style security checks, the only assurance the officer can have is that he is the only law abiding citizen on campus that’s armed, no more. Evildoers with malicious intent do not fall in this category. Would not our schools be safer from such malcontents, criminals and terrorists if the laws did not make our schools “shooter-safe zones?”