Though GOP's not pretty, alternative is worse

By Brian Ochsner ( I saw another reminder of why voters shouldn't vote for Democrats this election. It's a Texas Democratic campaign poster that shows how seriously Dems take -- or don't take -- illegal immigration.

Look, I'm one of the biggest critics of Republicans not acting like Republicans in DC and Denver. It's disheartening to tally up what my party is "for" these days -- not securing the borders, not even trying to rein in out-of-control federal spending, and passing stupid laws and initiatives like the smoking ban and Referendum C.

But when the other party sees illegal aliens just as potential voters, and turns a blind eye to the increased crime and costs to American taxpayers (not to mention the national security threat from Other-Than-Mexicans crossing the border), it's insane to think most Democrats won't toe the party line on this issue.

Having said that, I think GOP leadership in Washington and Denver need to get back to the basics of what Republicans ought to stand for: Lower taxes, limited government, and personal responsibility. If they didn't support Ref C or the smoking ban, and took decisive, concrete steps to secure the border and stem the invasion of illegal immigrants, Republicans would have easier campaigns this election season.

GOP leaders (namely in the Colorado state party) need to remember that when you act and campaign on clear, conservative principles, you'll usually win. Remember the 'crazy cowboy' named Ronald Reagan who steamrolled Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale? And the Contract with America that Newt Gingrich proposed in 1994, which led to Republicans taking both the House and Senate?

It's been said that people who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. My hope is that Republicans remember what we stand for as a party, or risk losing legislative power for years to come.