Stay the course or widen the war?

By Dave Petteys ( One of the principles of military victory is to isolate the battlefield, cutting off the enemy’s supply. We are apparently not doing that in Iraq. We are apparently reluctant to be accused of “widening the war” by our critics. So we continue to fight the war on our enemy’s terms. Thus, “Staying the course” under these circumstances means continuing indefinitely the meat grinder for our blood and treasure.

For their part, despicably, the Democrats would be the first to howl “widening the war” if we did the right thing and struck insurgent staging and supply areas in Iran and Syria. The Democrats want to preserve this latter day “Ho Chi Minh Trail” that assures our defeat.

Perversely, they would consider it not an American defeat, but a Bush defeat, which they hope will give them political power. They are unconcerned that our defeat in Iraq will give the Islamics a first critical key victory they need to build their Caliphate from Indonesia to Spain. That the Caliphate’s only stated goal is to destroy Western Civilization doesn’t even register with the Democrats.

And why are the Democrats unconcerned? They subconsciously reside in 1945, and take American power and wealth for granted. They extol the army of 1945 as the “Greatest Generation” and at the same time undermine the army of 2006. The only Democrat concern is to achieve political power so they can pursue agenda items that “really matter”, such as wealth redistribution, global warming, clean drinking water, and homosexual scoutmasters.

The question one has to ask: if nuclear weapons were to begin detonating in American cities, would the survivors really care about homosexual scoutmasters or global warming? And would the response of a President Pelosi (since the Speaker the House is first in line to succeed a slain president and vice president, God forbid) be anything more than bursting into tears?