Saddam and Islam

By Mordechai Jones The author, writing here under a pen name, is a scholar of Islam and a pastor with many years' experience in brokering Christian-Jewish cooperation along scriptural lines - JA

Sadaam Hussein, the man who thought of himself as the Nebuchadnezzar of this age, is dead. He is better described as a modern-day Haman, who plotted the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Like the villain in the biblical book of Esther, he put himself in the judgment seat of God --and for so doing, was hanged on his own gallows.

Sadaam and his degenerate family squandered the wealth of Iraq. He terrorized the Iraqi people while he built opulent monuments to his own glory. He subsidized the families of “Palestinian” suicide bombers who sent their children to murder innocent people. He destroyed the lives of thousands of people. Why should he not be hanged?

Do I lack compassion? No! I would that Sadaam’s life had happened for good and not for evil, but Sadaam made his own choices and our choices all have consequences. Can any intelligent person say that they would be willing to live in an Islamic world under a tyrant like Sadaam Hussein or Mahmud Amadinejad?

If Iraq fails to evolve into a 21st Century nation, it is not a failure for America; it is not a failure for George Bush; it is not a failure for democracy; it is not a failure for our troops. It is a complete and comprehensive failure for the religion and culture of Islam.

Now, we have seen Islam as it really is; and we need to remember the television images of the daily Muslim violence in Baghdad. Can anyone forget the pictures of those burning human bodies hanging from a bridge or the murder of Danny Pearl? This is reality TV but there are no survivors. Everybody suffers, everybody dies!

This is the face of Islam.

We might understand the Muslim violence against Americans in Iraq; we can somehow grasp that; but how do we rationalize or even begin to understand such terrible Muslim violence against other Muslims in Iraq?

Does this tell us anything at all about Islam and the Muslims? You would have to be blind not to see the truth of the matter.

In the United States we have just elected a Muslim to public office. This is a man who immediately confronted our culture by insisting that he take his oath on the Koran and not on the Bible. Those who have no understanding chuckle at the naïve concern from those simple Christians and Jews who are offended by such a thing. Those religious fundamentalists are the people that Hillary Clinton arrogantly calls, “the flat earth society”.

But, the truth of the matter is simple, the Bible says “You shall not murder”. The Koran says, “You shall murder”. Who can a Muslim murder?

Again, the answer is simple!

A Muslim can murder anyone who does not agree with him or even agree with his own esoteric view of Islamic Sharia law. Does this tell us anything about how this man might perform the responsibilities of his office? Lessons from Lebanon

Let us take a lesson from recent history. Lebanon was historically a Christian nation and a good friend and neighbor to Israel. There was peace along the common border.

After King Hussein had welcomed Yasser Arafat and his “Palestinians” into Jordan, the first thing that Arafat tried to do was to assassinate King Hussein and bring down the legitimate “Hashemite” government of Jordan. When Arafat and his “Palestinians” were chased out of Jordan they fled into the Bekkah Valley in Lebanon.

Arafat and his Fatah terrorist group received financial aid from Sadaam Hussein and from Saudi Arabia.

Immediately, Arafat and his Fatah thugs plotted a coup. He desired to overthrow the legitimate Christian government of Lebanon. Israel came to help the Christians defend their country against Arafat and his “Palestinian” thugs. Syria entered into the fray and sent thousands of Syrian regulars into Lebanon to fight the Israelis.

Under international pressure Israel left Lebanon but the Syrians stayed and this shift provided a population base which would allow the Syrians to eventually take over Lebanon through its own political process.

In the interim, Arafat was exiled to Tunisia as a terrorist.

Then some “progressive” Jewish thinkers brought Arafat back to Israel so he could give some legitimacy to the Oslo disaster, a mindless plan that proposed trading Jewish land for the Arab promise of peace. It was a desert mirage that was doomed from the start.

But, the world gave Arafat billions of dollars, which he stole, and awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize. This would be equivalent to giving Joseph Stalin a “Humanitarian of the Century” Award. A smiling and completely naïve Bill Clinton got the photo-op and all was well until the Camp David meeting where Arafat showed his true colors.

But after the Israelis left Lebanon, the Syrian Jihad in Lebanon continued. The Syrian camp became the local Hez-ba-Allah.

Islam assumes a religious prerogative to infiltrate and proselytize any people. Islam is not tolerant of other religions. The Koran specifically states that Islam shall be the only religion in and over the whole world. Muslims have a right to conquer the world for Allah. Once the Islamic community is entrenched in a host society, it begins to expand its influence politically.

If the Islamic expansion is not accepted or if it is even resisted, this becomes a cause for violent Jihad and the whole local Muslim community is responsible for Jihad. No Muslim is exempt from somehow participating in Jihad. Some give their children, some give their money, some give their time but everyone is involved.

Islam is not a religion that has been hijacked by a handful of radical maniacs. It is a radical religion that carries out or supports or condones a political agenda of violence and the submission of all conquered people to Islam. Those who do not submit are tortured and murdered.

The first step of Jihad against those nations that resist its expansion is always terrorism.

In the United States we witnessed an external example of Muslim terrorism on 9-11. This was not an accident; this was an act of war. After this we saw several internal examples such as the two Muslims on the East Coast that went around shooting innocent people who were putting gas in their cars. Then there was the Muslim who drove his SUV into a crowd of students at an East Coast University. Then we had several Muslims openly declaring their religion and intimidating passengers on an US airliner.

Yet, we still don’t get it!

America currently hosts about 8 million Muslims. If 1% of those Muslims decide to become “suicide” bombers, we will have 80,000 mass murderers in our midst.

Are we ready for this?

If any nation accepts an Islamic presence, the first step of Jihad is to undermine the government of that country using its own political system against it. For instance, we just elected a Muslim to public office. He refuses to take his official oath on the bible. He is not an American, he is a Muslim. This benign form of political Jihad is always, sooner or later, supported by a paramilitary organization or a force that assassinates non-Muslim candidates and murders all who oppose the expansion of Islamic.

This will happen in America.

If we are wrong or if we are simply alarmists, then let someone from the American Muslim Community, the American Umma, come forward and prove us wrong by doing what is right. This will never happen.

In Gaza and Ram-Allah, we saw the Fatah, Arafat’s terrorist organization, rule. Then after Arafat’s death, we saw the Hamas come to political power and then to military power. The Hamas was “democratically” elected by the majority of the Palestinian people. Make no mistake, Jihad is a community affair.

In Lebanon, we saw the rapid development of the Hez-ba-Allah.

The Hez-ba-Allah was originally the Syrian military force that became the paramilitary wing of the local Islamic political movement. Hez-ba-Allah was supported and supplied by Syria. Syria was supported and supplied with these resources and weapons by Iran.

In turn, Iran has been covertly protected by Russia who keeps its fingers in the Middle East through Arab-Muslim surrogates.

Today, Lebanon is no longer a “Christian” nation, it is an Islamic nation. The Lebanese Government, such as it is, will not control the Hez-ba-Allah because it is Hez-ba-Allah.

Any attempt to return Lebanon to a real democracy, or to afford Lebanese Christians any political rights at all, will be met with assassinations, political murders and Muslim sponsored chaos. Welcome to the current reality!

This is Islam!

Prevailing World Views

In America we have three world views on the table.

1. The first world view is the global - atheistic - secular humanistic - progressive - third way - model that has replaced the failed Greco-Roman model of Europe. It is a polite form of social anarchy based on a Marxian evolutionary theory that encourages change for the sake of change without any regard for direction. It is a train to nowhere and leads to social and cultural chaos! Unity, not compulsory diversity, is the hope of a society.

American Neo-Socialist “progressives” want to eliminate the Electoral College so they can harness the political power of the popular “Progressive” majorities that inhabit the large City-State metro-plexes on the East and West Coasts. If this happens it is the death of America as we have known it in our generation and if we fail, it is our fault!

This view does not really favor the separation of “Church and State”, it favors the separation of the people from God, thus the “State” rules supreme. This leads to a dictatorship of the masses that are ruled by the intellectual elite who finance their agenda through oppressive taxation.

2. The second world view is the Judeo-Christian model that advocates personal freedom and free enterprise reasonably guided by biblically inspired moral and ethical standards that advocate and promote personal responsibility and accountability. Perfect moral or ethical behavior cannot be legislated; such behavior must be accepted individually as a foundational principle of any free society.

This view recognizes the vitality of a personal relationship with God; a relationship based on the exercise of an individual’s free will, which results in redemption or judgment. To promote such an end, it espouses religious freedom in an open forum of speech, press and expression.

The framers of our Constitution saw that the first right of mankind was the right to freely worship God and that all other human rights were subordinate and dependent on the first right as stated in the 1st Amendment; if we allow power hungry politicians to take away the first right then the other rights will fall also.

Those who have understanding see the Judeo-Christian model as the only hope of mankind.

3. The third world view is the Islamic model based in the writings of the Koran and the “conversations” or commentaries of Mohammed.

Mohammed taught that the Judeo-Christian model had failed and that “Allah”, the god of Ishmael and Esau, the god of Arabia, had given the world to all who would submit to Islam. After Mohammed murdered all of his enemies in Mecca, his followers went out murdering and pillaging all who had anything worth stealing. They were thieves and pirates who used violence to support their extortions and to guarantee their success.

They conquered Byzantium and Eastern Europe even to the Danube. Now, they control the world’s oil supply.

Over the last 100 years, oil has evolved from being a consumer commodity to a strategic commodity to a political commodity and now it has become a spiritual commodity that provides the wealth to finance the expansion of world wide Islam.

Islam requires complete submission of the people to a god who does not hear or cannot answer prayers. It is religious fatalism at best. There is no freedom of speech or press or any free expression without the risk of deadly reprisals.

Islam is not a secular government that respects a healthy separation of “Church and State”. It is a Religious Caliphate, a government like the Taliban, ruled by the Imams and Mullahs. These are the modern version of the ancient priests of the moon gods of the east. Islam is always and eventually enforced by the local militias.

By its own admission, Islam is destined to rule the entire world for “Allah” and the Koran licenses them to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Which way America?