New Year's Resolutions for Republicans

Earnest resolutions to change and do better, upon the occasion of turning a new calendar page, don't usually appeal to me. But after a terrible 2006 for the GOP, it's time to sober up and begin anew. Here are five promises to ourselves for 2007 that I believe we ought to make as Republicans : 1- Be as devout as Washington in understanding America as a nation under God.

2- Be as forceful as Lincoln in upholding the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as the political religion of the nation.

3- Be as implacable as Churchill in defending the great heritage of Western civilization and the English-speaking peoples.

4- Be as resolute as Reagan in pursuing victory over the Islamofascist enemy in World War III until, in his words, "We win and they lose."

5- Fight fiercely, cheerfully, and relentlessly for our convictions and against our enemies, with one focus each morning: "What can we do to them today?"