Can America recover its sense of mission?

By Hilmar von Campe ( It is about time that America and the Western world go back to their roots in order to understand the nature of our organized enemies, and in order to defeat them. Such enemies include the Islamic terrorists. The shallowness of our so-called leaders is appalling in that they do not acknowledge this necessity.

Christian teachings include the concept that mankind’s history is a moving process which culminates in the second coming of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. Eschatology is the doctrine concerning the ‘last things’ – the final consummation of God’s purposes in creation and the final destination of individual souls and all of humanity.

This Christian concept was stolen by the fabricators of materialistic ideologies who replaced the divine link to eternity with a secular culmination in their hate-driven ideologies. The National Socialists, generally called Nazis, had a vision of a German national community and a world run by the master race – themselves. The final destination for international socialists, the communist Marxist-Leninists, was defined as a global Socialist and classless society which, however, would be a totalitarian system run by godless functionaries. The destination of radical Islam is a Muslim world where the Muftis rule and no other religion exists. Those who kill unbelievers refusing to convert to Islam are promised awards in paradise.

Followers of these three godless ideologies consider themselves part of a process in which they change the direction of history to reach the final destination. They are groomed to invest their whole existence and life into achieving victory for their ideology. This is also a perversion of the Christian teaching that Almighty God wants the whole person and not just some part.

The West has lost the concept that history is meant to be a movement of humanity toward God. It has eliminated Christian teachings as irrelevant for the political process and has reduced the Christian message to a purely personal affair. American like Western Christians love their comfort and do not want to risk their existence. Western nations and their political and religious leaders therefore do not understand the purpose and motives of their ideological enemies, nor do they understand their mindset. They have their own mindset and mistakenly assume that others think as they do. They don't!

This ignorance leads to dangerous political concepts like believing that we have won the cold war and the Russians now are our democratic allies. The reality, however, is different. Gorbachev, Putin, Yeltsin and all the others are the same dedicated communists as always but have only put democratic labels on their outside.

Similarly fatal is to believe that the Arabic Palestians are the real owners of the land which is “occupied” by Israel, and that peace will be achieved if they get their own government and are given more of “their” land. Ownership and “occupation” is the other way around, Arabls live on land which already thousands of years ago was part of an Israeli state.

Even more dangerous for America is the attempt to form a North American Community. It would destroy our sovereignty and uniqueness, make us a multicultural country with economic reasoning and cripple our mission to carry freedom to the last corner of the world. It is that task which links this nation to the historic movement of humanity toward God. But it needs more than military power.

Freedom without the absolute truth of God as a standard cannot last. Liars are on the wrong side of the ideological battleline. The battle for freedom must be the battle for truth to defeat the power of the lies penetrating our society.

That is the reason why Christians must enter into the ideological, political and moral battle for America, beginning with making the family again the center of our society. Pastor Thomas Merton pointed out that a person “who has meditated on the Passion of Christ but has not meditated on the extermination camps of Dachau and Auschwitz has not yet fully entered into the experience of Christianity in our time.” Author Richard J. Foster comments that this kind of meditation is best accomplished with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Amen! ------------------------------------ Hilmar von Campe is a former Hitler Youth and soldier in the German army. In America he founded The National Institute for Truth and Freedom.