Radio, April 15: Shock jox R not us

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click -------------------------------------------------------------------------Here it comes; you knew it would. The left is piling on the Don Imus affair to discredit talk radio in general, with the mainstream media as their obliging platform. Doubt me? Colorado Media Matters, a branch of the Soros-funded progressive thought police, has a hit piece in both Denver papers today (both!), charging several local conservative hosts with "lies, smears, and vitriol" not so different from what got Imus fired.

Imus is a lowlife, and as he once rose by the market for coarseness, he has now fallen by the market for decency and fair play. It's good to know there is still such a market segment in this country - an underserved segment, apparently. The moppy-headed ho(st) will soon fade from the headlines, but the tougher issues of free speech, community standards, and double standards will remain.

We at Backbone Radio try to focus on such core issues along with the principles and truths underlying them. We're not firebrands. That hasn't spared us from repeated scoldings by Colorado Media Matters, whose real aim is obviously to muzzle the right. CMM is welcome to attempt that - it's a free country - but their lofty profession of some other goal is disingenuous. Nor is their Friday indictment against other, more edgy, radio voices really credible. But the print media, steadily losing audience, have a self-interest in publicizing it.

Bottom line, if you want incendiary talk, don't bother with our show. Shock jox R not us. "John Yawn" is one of the nicer epithets I've earned with my soothing rational style. Calm Krista, Jocular Joshua, and Mild Matt share the microphone with me in Mr. Andrews' Neighborhood. Even broadcasting stone drunk, we probably couldn't offend Al Sharpton -- and cocoa with marshies is our preferred studio beverage.

But if you want a thoughtful but tough, factual but friendly approach to the news and the American experiment, we're the place for you on Sunday evenings. This week we'll talk with Joseph C. Phillips, black conservative commentator and TV star, about the Imus affair, the Duke rape frameup (largely ignored this week by MSM), the hypocrisy of Sharpton and Jackson, and the sickness of soul it all represents.

** Our special hour on the 2007 legislative countdown, taped at the State Capitol on 4/11 and first heard that night, will air again as part of this show. Don't miss Sen. Andy McElhany's warning on the Ritter tax hike, and Sen. Ken Gordon's dreamily confused view of the Iraq War.

** We'll also hear from Jake Werther, running for the new office of Denver Clerk against Mayor Webb's daughter, and from Ike Kelley, a onetime Jack Kemp appointee now running for Denver City Council.

** And Evan Maloney, guerrilla film producer who drives the campus left crazy, will be along to tell us about his new movie, "Indoctrinate U."

Spin the dial, surf the net, troll through the weekdays -- you just won't find anything else like Backbone Radio. Please be part of our show this weekend by tuning in at 5pm Sunday.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS