Edwards for the defense: clueless

By Dave Petteys (dpetteys@comcast.net) John Edwards’ response to the question in this week's debate, “What would you do if the nation were attacked?” was quite revealing: He said in effect “I would determine where the intelligence breakdown was, and find where the Homeland Security had failed, and punish those responsible.” Note that it didn’t even cross Mr. Edwards' mind to strike back at the enemies: only to find scapegoats and crucify them! Very much a lawyer’s response.

Obviously, Mr. Edwards doesn’t understand the nature of the problem. On one hand our Wahabbist enemies together with Iranian sponsored terrorist organizations such as HAMAS are hatching plots of ways to kill us. On the other hand, they are lobbying with Mr. Edwards’ Democratic Party itself to tie the hands of our defenders by cutting back on the Patriot Act and shutting down the monitoring of terrorist communications in the interests of “Civil Rights”. This guarantees that very soon, one of the terrorist plots will go undetected and succeed. And when a plot does succeed, Mr. Edwards is standing by to crucify the valiant men and women who, as we speak, are frantically trying to defend us.

Mr. Edwards doesn’t understand that our defenders have to be right 100% of the time, but our enemies only have to slip through the net once! Mr. Edwards’ approach is reminiscent of congressional meddling and micromanaging during the Civil War: Jacobean hearings would excoriate experienced Officers after each military reversal, placing the blame everywhere except on Congress itself.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Edwards’ legal mind renders him incapable of defending this country, disqualifying him to be a Commander in Chief.