Radio, April 29: Victory or death

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click --------------------------------------------- Excuse the melodrama; I am just recalling history old and new. "Victory or death" was the password for Washington's army on their daring night crossing of the Delaware to surprise the redcoats and save the revolution, Christmas 1776.

Newt Gingrich stirred 500 leading conservatives with that story at a Philadelphia conference this week. If a conservative complains he's discouraged, the former Speaker and would-be presidential candidate suggested we cite that history and say: "George Washington would be ashamed of you."

Backbone Radio rides again this Sunday in the spirit of Newt's eloquence -- after a week that has also included, for me, a shot of Alan Keyes's passion at the Colorado pro-life rally and a mission to the Pennsylvania Senate on behalf of tax limitation. I hope you will listen and participate.

** Presidential candidate-for-real Duncan Hunter, the California congressman who is arguably furthest right of anyone in the race, will be my guest. Later I'll talk about Obama and the Democratic candidates with columnist Jay Ambrose.

** Our month-long Call to Action on hot issues in the legislature will continue as I welcome state Rep. Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) for a GOP minority report and petition activist Dennis Polhill for an update on the constitutional lockdown plan, HCR-1001, now before the Senate.

** Plus my TV debate partner Susan Barnes-Gelt with a preview of the sleepwalking Denver election that concludes May 1, and author Myrna Blyth with a look at her peppery new book on how to raise patriotic kids.

Gingrich got under my skin, I have to tell you. To break faith with George Washington and the other founders, after all they did to keep faith with us, would be a dishonor indeed worse than death. In my book anyway - and I suspect in yours. For us at Backbone Radio, it's simply not an option. Come on along if you agree.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS