Dems devoid of vision & leadership

By Dave Petteys ( Throughout American history, strong leadership has saved the country: Washington at Valley Forge, Lincoln in the dark days of the Civil War. These leaders had a conviction of the right thing to do and stuck to it! But what about present leadership in the Democratic Party?

Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid continually say “The American people have spoken” as their signal to declare defeat in Iraq. They appear to dwell on the short term domestic political aspects, and seem completely unaware of the effect such a step would have on American standing in the world. What would Hugo Chavez, or the leaders of Iran, China, Russia and North Korea think and do if we shamefully abandon Iraq? Would American guarantees to any ally be worth the paper it’s printed on after this?

Evidently, the Democratic Party cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, good or evil: only what’s popular. This is why the Democrats are in such a moral quandary: the vote determines truth! But if you’d voted in the middle ages as to whether the earth was flat or not, what would the vote have been? And if Washington had taken a poll of his miserable troops in Valley Forge, would the American Revolution have succeeded? And do you not get mutually exclusive results relying on a focus group to determine your action? Does not everyone want more government services yet lower taxes? A stronger military but no draft?

The Democratic Party apparently has no vision for America: only polls and focus groups. “And with no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).