Newt nails it

By Brian Ochsner ( I agree with Newt Gingrich – it’s important for conservatives to stay in the political battle. But to regain the state and national majorities, every conservative Republican candidate, consultant and campaign manager should watch this video on Iraq by the former Speaker and this video with his analysis of GOP lessons to learn.

And more importantly, act to the letter on his advice (especially Newt’s take on negative campaign ads, which matches mine).

These are the most clear, accurate and realistic explanations for the Democratic landslide in 2006, where the Republican Party and America are today, and what lies ahead in the future. Even with all his personal problems and faults, Newt is still arguably the best historian and most far-sighted visionary in the GOP today. Republicans at all levels of campaigns and elected office will ignore Newt’s wisdom at their own peril.