A closer look at the Jena affair

When a gang of “chip on their shoulders” black youth terrorize and beat white kids, it’s called an “expression of ethnic identity”. But if the white kids band together for protection, it’s called “racist white supremacy.” As shown by this Snopes.com fact check of the Jena affair, the assumed direct linkage of the noose incident and the beatings omits significant intervening events.

The biggest racists in this whole mess are Jesse Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton. The foundational outrage in all of this is the Progressive theological notion that “only the dominant group can be racist”, which is utter nonsense. Either we strive for Martin Luther King’s color blind society or we do not.

The reverse discrimination to “undo the years of discrimination” is fraudulent. And there is no mechanism to turn it off, no way to measure when enough is enough. It is conferring perks and privilege on the basis of skin color, which has fragmented our nation into warring racial and ethnic groups. Diversity is not our strength! It is a source of weakening, division, and conflict. But then, weakening America has always been the Progressive agenda.

Our forefathers realized that in order to build unity they had to leave religious denomination off the table. So must we now concerning race and ethnicity. We enjoy our rights and liberties on an individual basis, not on the basis of our race. We need to eliminate the 3 pages of racial group check boxes we find now on every government application.

The racist agitators such as Jackson and Sharpton need to be shamed, ostracized, put out of business, and recognized as the hypocrites they are.