Dixville Notch

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It's true, I did spend the past few days in New Hampshire, including a visit to little Dixville Notch, famed for casting and counting its ballots before anyone else in the nation, minutes after midnight on primary and general election day in presidential years. But this doesn't mean I'm running for anything.

Stop those rumors. I came to New Hampshire, in fact, from South Carolina, where General Sherman is famed if unloved. So in his style I'll say flatly that in 2008 -- whatever the office -- if nominated I won't campaign and if elected I won't serve.

That should be a relief to liberals, other than David Sirota of PoliticsWest.com, who unaccountably seems to like me. Being mayor-for-life of Backbone Colorado USA is the job I love best anyway, and I'm tickled to be back in the high country and returning to the KNUS microphone this Sunday. Please be listening.

** We'll talk about how liberals first took over America with Amity Schlaes, author of "The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression." And with Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy we'll zero in on the "tranzies," transnational progressives who want to take over the world.

** We'll spotlight Colorado issues with Weld County DA Ken Buck, a courageous voice on the wave of illegal-alien crime, and with former state Rep. Penn Pfiffner, a taxpayer advocate whose "F" report card on the Democratic legislature came out this week.

** Plus the return of Gentleman Jim Spencer, the former Denver Post columnist and Backbone contrarian regular, whose left-side views now appear at SpencerSpeaks.com as well as Colorado Confidential and Politics West.

Our show isn't Rush or Sean or Laura, not yet at least, but listeners in Colorado and (via Internet) across the nation have recently called it "indispensable" and "uniquely valuable." One even said we "do wonders." Flattering indeed; I'll be blushing at the praise this Sunday as we fire up another edition.

Yours for liberty & victory, JOHN ANDREWS