Hope for inner-city kids

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Our World Series pregame edition will be live at five to talk with Heather O'Mara of Hope Academy Online about web-based charter schools for those inner-city kids who are too often left behind... with Richard Allen about the old days with Reagan and the uncertain days of 2008... plus a conversation on baseball and politics with liberal commentator Jim Spencer.

Starting at 6:30, as I depart for a bit of research on the significance of sports in American life, the show will replay some of the Best of Backbone. You'll hear my interviews with Iraq-based combat blogger Michael Yon... with documentary producer Raphael Shore, whose movie "Obsession" rips the mask off radical Islam... and with Douglas Gresham, stepson of CS Lewis and adviser to the "Narnia" film series.

And finally, save the date of Sunday, Nov. 11: Join me for our third annual radio birthday party, 5-8pm on 11/11 at Lodo's in Highlands Ranch, SW corner of Quebec & C-470. It's the weekend after the election, as well as Veteran's Day, so there will be a lot to talk about as we broadcast live from the middle of the celebration. No charge, no reservations, it's just my way of saying thanks to all the friends who've helped us build this show since we went on the air in November 2004.

Three years of weekend radio, 150 shows, where did the time go? Seems only yesterday we were gloating over Kerry's defeat and gulping at the words "Speaker Romanoff." A listener wrote me that in her opinion, our show just keeps getting better. Thanks, we're sure trying, and the bouquet makes up for recent brickbats from two Democrat gals who want my column spiked. Win some, lose some, so it goes; ask Clint Hurdle.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS