Mile-high salute to my Congressman

Backbone friends heard it first: US Rep. Tom Tancredo's "utterly obvious" intention to leave Congress after his current term was emailed and blogged last week by this longtime friend and constituent of the fiery Republican. I erred only in saying it would occur "early next month" -- an indulgence of optimism about the Rockies' title hopes, to which Tom had earlier pegged his announcement of 2008 intentions. (A seven-game World Series would have concluded Nov. 1.)

Here is the Rocky Mountain News story with Tancredo's announcement; interesting that he gave the tabloid an exclusive and snubbed the Denver Post. Here is the succession preview story from Politics West.

I will have more to say in coming days about Tom Tancredo's political legacy and the battle royal now emerging among Republicans for his seat. For today, let me simply salute the retiring congressman (and unbowed contender for the White House, let's not forget) for his 30 years of splendid, selfless, fearless service to Colorado and the nation. A truer spirit, kinder soul, and better patriot never lived. Godspeed in your all your future endeavors, Tommy T.