Low-turnout election threatens Centennial

In Centennial's political process, the voices heard and the actions taken should represent “we the people.” They don’t. This has to change if we want to protect our civil liberties, our personal freedoms and our quality of life. Each and every adult citizen living in Centennial, Colorado is responsible for what is going on in our city, and it is time to acknowledge and accept that responsibility.

America is hungry for transparent government; and all politicians need to understand this reality.

It is not about lawyers finding another way around the law – instead of upholding the law.

It is not about irresponsible spending without a balanced budget – instead of being held accountable for tomorrow as well as today.

It is not about what we are getting – it is about what we are losing – as a nation, as a state, as a city, as a citizen.

The answer is simple: Vote! It is how we demand transparency, accountability and responsibility from all government.

Centennial will soon hold a mail-in only ballot election to chart the course of the city. Votes will be counted on Tuesday evening, June 10. It won't truly represent the will of the city unless a majority of registered voters mail in their ballots.

Every citizen should ask three questions:

1. Can I continue letting a “few” determine my future?

2. Am I better off in Centennial than I was two years ago? Six years ago?

3. Do I trust my city officials to do what is best for me?

Mail-in ballots will only be sent to voters that voted in last November’s elections. If a citizen did not vote in that election, you must contact the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s office before May 10, 2008, and ask that your voter classification be changed to active; or register to vote if you are not registered.

Voter registration information and a voter registration form are available at www.arapahoevotes.com or contact the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s office: 5334 S. Prince Street, Littleton, Co 80166. (303)795-4511.

If any citizen is unfamiliar with the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed charter and how it potentially affects the future of Centennial, information is available on the internet.

www.centennialcolorado.com has detailed information on what is written in the proposed charter; and www.NOCC2008.com (No on Centennial Charter) details perceived strengths and weaknesses of the proposed charter.

This is not a time to let a “few” determine our future. It is a time to take personal responsibility for our city. It is not a time to let anyone tell us what is best for us; it is a time to find out the truth and vote.

Linda Gawlik is Centennial's elected Clerk and Recorder. Her position will be eliminated, along with that of the elected City Treasurer, if the proposed charter is adopted by voters on June 10.