Change we can't believe in

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The returns are coming in. Pennsylvania didn't believe Obama is the future. Neither did Ohio and Texas. Neither do you and I. One reason most Americans can't believe in him and his version of change -- socialism with a Harvard accent or a Dixie drawl depending on the day -- is that we're realizing he and the people closest to him don't believe in us. Wright the bigot, Ayers the terrorist, and Michele the unproud, all play supporting roles to Mr. Change himself, the worldly wise psychoanalyst of blue-collar bitterness and clinging religious faith. Thanks but no thanks, Barack. If that's a preview of your inspirational leadership in the White House, we'll pass.

But the bind for Democrats, as Bill Moloney and Ken Davenport pointed out this week on our Backbone blog, is that their whacked-out delegate process may already have trapped the party into nominating Sen. Obama after a stormy convention in Denver this summer, even as we the people -- Republicans and Reagan Democrats alike -- increasingly see through him and want none of the guy.

Backbone Radio will catch you up on all of it this Sunday, another lively show with fresh topics and great guests you won't want to miss. Matt Dunn and Krista Kafer, our youth brigade, along with me, Mr. Unchanging himself, will be there making it happen. We hope you'll be there too.

** Some say McCain puts even California in play. We'll ask Joseph C. Phillips, our man in Hollywood, and Rep. Chuck Devore, Claremont's man in the State Assembly.

** As for the myth of Obama as today's JFK, a leader the whole world can follow, we'll get a reality check from James Piereson, author of the new book on Kennedy and Camelot, and Don Eberly, with his visionary book about global civil society. (What's that? Tune in and learn.)

** Plus Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Mike Ramirez, who also runs the outspoken and right-thinking editorial page at Investor's Business Daily.

Whatta show. Whatta year. Whatta country. What better way to spend your Sunday evening?

Yours for believable change, JOHN ANDREWS