Timely warning from the 13th century

Blessed Humbert of Romans was a Dominican preacher who died in 1277. He, along with how many thousands of other holy men and martyrs who devoted their lives to establishing Christianity over the last 2000 years, is now virtually forgotten. Fifty to seventy years of toil, strife, and heroism by Humbert can hardly be summed up in a small paragraph. But part of his undying legacy is a prediction that certain things would come to pass if we lost the Gospel:

* That demons would rule. Certainly this video on "Hamas Kindergarten" is that!

* That the world would be sterile. The plummeting birthrate across post-Christian Europe is this fulfillment.

* That hearts would have neither hope nor joy in their salvation. Western society living as though there were no tomorrow becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My sister lives half her time in France and the rest in London. She and her friends are the educated Western European elite. I am sure their attitudes are indicative of many.

I point out the growing Islamization, the falling birthrate, and ask: "What kind of world are you bequeathing to the grandchildren? Their answer: "That's their problem!"

As to Islamization, "It won't happen in my lifetime." Maybe. But is this not an inter-generational betrayal? The old cliché "the future belongs to those who prepare for it" holds too true.