Change we can shudder at

In watching a biography of Obama on Fox News, I was struck by the mindset the man has. He has no economic training, no desire to be part of the “establishment”. More likely, he wants to be the Hugo Chavez of America. Though he pays lip service to “bringing people together”, what I can read between the lines is hatred of “the rich” and of “white people”, the two groups somehow melded, in the same way many see all black people as poor. His having an epiphany at a Jeremiah Wright church service is the case in point. Rev. Wright’s views are well known.

The logic (perhaps subconscious) of Obama's call for a “Civilian National Security Force” becomes clear: it will become an officially sanctioned armed mob of the have-nots to prey on the haves. The same thing happened in South Africa when the blacks took over there. They called it “affirmative shopping”.

To Obama, with little economic understanding, the economy is a fixed pie, and it’s time for black people to seize a bigger slice. In Obama’s eyes, this is “justice”, defined as “equality”: equality NOT equal opportunity! All one has to do is look at Venezuela to see where Obama might take the United States.

The tragedy of course is that it will push the country toward chaos and poverty. The economy is NOT a fixed pie but an elastic one. The capital flight and contraction in the economy will bring massive unemployment and an unprecedented economic downturn, shortages and lines for basic necessities.

True to the Venezuelan model, Obama could then blame “greedy businessmen” for the situation, holding kangaroo courts, making examples, etc., blaming everything and everyone except himself and his policies.