DNC Snapshots 8/25 & 8/26

Took these as I wandered around the Pepsi Center, Civic Center, and the 16th Street Mall on Monday and Tuesday. Our 710 KNUS media pass was put to good use! [photopress:from_camera_08262008_090.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Civic Center Park Poster

[photopress:from_camera_08262008_095.jpg,thumb,pp_image] The CNN Grill - the former Brooklyns -

[photopress:from_camera_08262008_102.jpg,thumb,pp_image] There is no EPOH

[photopress:from_camera_08262008_098.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Inside the Pepsi Center

[photopress:16_street_mall_DNC_005.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Mosque on the Mall

[photopress:16_street_mall_DNC_008.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Nothin' better else to do...

[photopress:16_street_mall_DNC_011.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Code Pink - Yes that is a man...