Fact check on Sarah vs. Charlie

Charlie Gibson's dishonest effort to trap, embarrass, and belittle Gov. Sarah Palin in his lengthy ABC interview with the Republican VP nominee is unmasked by the network's own transcripts and, in one case, by actual video of Palin addressing her church. If you like your news unfiltered, a few clicks will illustrate what I mean.

On Sarah's allegedly clueless answer to the Bush Doctrine question, here's Charles Krauthammer in National Review.

On the caricature of her as a scary theocrat and holy warrior against Iraq, here's James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal.

Finally, with a reprise of these topics plus the canard of Palin the warmonger spoiling for a fight with Russia, here's PJ Gladnick on Newsbusters.

Once again, we Republicans owe a vote of thanks to the ham-handed Obama partisans in the MSM for elevating and martyring McCain's everywoman running mate while eroding -- still further -- their own credibility. Keep it up guys, there are barely 50 days until this thing wraps up.