Fifty days & counting

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Constitutional self-government, according to Churchill the worst form known to man except all the others that have been tried, sure gets wearisome at times. I mean, spare me. So now we have Lipstick Gate? We have endless mindless political ads on TV and it's only September? We have Al Franken auditioning to do standup in the US Senate? Take heart, citizen. The end is in sight. Coming out of this weekend, it's only 50 days until the election is settled, wrapped up, put to bed, kaput. Hang on, Sloopy. Sloopy, hang on. We're gettin' there, and you have to admit, this is less of a grind than you thought it would be, now that the polls are tilting to McPalin.

This Sunday on Backbone Radio, John Andrews with Krista Kafer and Joshua Sharf will cover the whole political landscape with you. Join us to keep up with all the issues and ideas that matter.

** So the Dems are suddenly less sure of themselves out there on the campaign trail? We'll analyze the trends with regular contributor Bill Moloney.

** So the Referendum C spending lobby is back for an encore with Amendment 59, ta-ta to tax refunds forever? We'll hear about the campaign to stop it from Penn Pfiffner of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

** So charter schools and choice enjoy a strange new respect from Barack Obama of all people? We'll talk honest education with Marshall Fritz of the Alliance for Separation of School and State.

** Plus my interview with Tom Krannawitter of Hillsdale and Claremont about his new "Vindicating Lincoln," perhaps the most important book of the year for thoughtful conservatives.

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Yours for a red map on Nov. 4, JOHN ANDREWS