12 reasons I'm a Republican

Editor: Ron Phelps sent this to newspapers before the election. With the GOP's identity crisis, it's needed now more than ever. 1. I believe people should be guaranteed equal rights, not equal things.

2. I think making decisions locally is better than having Washington politicians or bureaucrats make them for me.

3. I think a free-enterprise system within a representative republic is a more effective way of running our country and meeting our needs than socialism.

4. I believe businesses in America should be allowed to make profits and I reject government redistribution of the profits of private enterprise. I reject socialism and the nationalization of private companies.

5. I believe that people misusing guns, and not the guns themselves are the issue. If someone with a weapon threatens my family or me, I have the right to, and will, shoot you.

6. I believe judges should not rewrite the Constitution to suit a fringe element, a minority that fails to get the support of voters.

7. I believe in private healthcare, not socialized medicine. I've lived and experienced the inefficiencies of government provided health care as a veteran.

8. I believe it's important to explore, develop, and use all possible sources of energy for our health, safety, and growth. I believe we should drill for oil here and now while we develop alternative sources of energy.

9. I believe marriage is a sacred union of a husband and wife for the purpose of bearing children, raising a family, and teaching them strong moral values. Our civilization is built on and will only survive on a foundation of strong families.

10. I believe that unborn children's lives are valuable, sacred, and should be defended. I reject abortion as a method of birth control.

11. I believe that early abortion should occur rarely and only be considered when the life of the mother is at risk.

12. I believe all who migrate to this country must do so within the established legal system. I believe that allowing, supporting, or offering sanctuary to anyone who illegally migrates to America is a crime.