The politics of gratitude

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"We are the grateful Americans." So begins my Thanksgiving column for the Denver Post, coming out this weekend. You know who you are. You might be a Republican or a Democrat or neither, a believer or a secularist, lucky in this world or unlucky. It doesn't matter. You qualify because you've learned that life is better if lived with an attitude of gratitude. And being an American with eyes wide open to all the global contrasts in our favor, you feel a certain reverence at the approach of the only "made in America" sacred day of the year. So here's a thought experiment: Suppose we could leaven the power struggle called politics with the grace called gratitude. Suppose the argument over the empty part of the glass was kept friendly by a humble appreciation of the full part.

It could bring some grownup civility to food fights like the campaign we just went through. If a politics of gratitude could succeed anywhere in this fallen world, our country with its "almost-chosen people" is the place.

The dreamer in me will try the idea on our terrific guests this Sunday. We'll also continue our analysis of what 2008 meant and what 2009 is likely to bring. Please join us.

** A pair of distinguished Republican alums of the US Senate are my headliners. Bill Armstrong is now president of Colorado Christian University. Hank Brown is the former CU and UNC president, now in law practice. We'll ask them how the GOP gets back on offense.

** Author Dinesh D'Souza is one of the grateful Americans, and as an immigrant that's by choice. His new book "What's So Great about Christianity?" is spot-on for the holiday season. Don't miss this interview.

** Plus state Sen. Josh Penry and state Rep. Mike May, the minority leaders, about top legislative issues for January... as well as black conservative writer & actor Joseph C. Phillips on the Obama Phenoma (non).

Do us the compliment of listening and we'll give you a show that's guaranteed not to be a turkey.

Yours for no tofu on the menu, JOHN ANDREWS