ET threat eases with Bush gone

One of the very few benefits of the Obamanaugurasm is the anticipated decline of rampant cases of Bush Derangement Syndrome. BDS is the psychological malady that places all blame for all misfortune anywhere in the world squarely on the shoulders of our 43rd president, or any of the administration’s supporting cast. Here in Colorado, BDS went out with an attempted bang at Aspen on New Year’s Eve, when a psychologically disturbed Bush-hater (is there any other kind?) left bombs at two banks, prepared more, and delivered threatening notes promising a “horrible price in blood." The reason: “Too many people and I do hate Rove/Bush with a passion.”

The various feeble attempts at Bush-bashing in the media (“Was Bush the worst president ever, or just one of the worst of the last century?”) and during the Inaugurasm festivities were at worst the final pathetic whimper of BDS as the 43rd presidency drew to a close.

But just when it appeared that Bush Derangement Syndrome had at long last culminated in a bang or a whimper, it appears that we’re not through with the loony lefties (literally in this case) just yet. Buried deep in the 22 January edition of the possibly-soon-to-be-late-lamented Rocky Mountain News (p.28) is the following gem:

Alien Invasion Plan on Hold

A proposed ballot initiative to create a government commission in Denver tasked with developing a strategy to deal with space aliens on Earth has been shelved.

For the time being, anyway.

"It’s on hold for now because of the confidence that I feel and a lot of people feel in the Obama administration in moving toward more disclosure of the UFO/extraterrestrial information," said Jeff Peckman, whose proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission generated national headlines.

"But I would say I’m only 51 percent confident, so I’m not abandoning the ballot initiative," he said Wednesday.

Whew! It’s good to know that the Obamessiah has the confidence (well, 51% confidence, anyway) of the moonbat contingent, and in addition to healing the planet, halting the rise of the oceans, caring for the sick, housing the people (“living in the street”), shoeing the children (“with no shoes on their feet”) – oh, there’s a solution – Obama will be working on the alien invasion issue.

When does that poor man ever sleep?