Deranged R Not Us

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President Obama's inaugural address had its better and less better moments. I liked the call for a new era of responsibility and the biblical challenge to put away childish things. But the address that really matters is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his new seat of power. Deeds not words will measure the man. We'll be watching. What we won't be is deranged by personal dislike or ideological distrust of this new president. American politics has been soured by 16 years of derangement syndrome, first by some on the right toward Clinton, then by some on the left toward Bush. Enough! As BHO and St. Paul both said: put away childish things.

We at Backbone Radio intend to scrutinize, analyze, and criticize the hope & change administration like grownups. Bloggers at our website have set the tone with civil skepticism on Mr. Obama's debut and touching tributes to the departing Mr. Bush. When clicking over there, you'll be relieved to learn the space-alien threat level is down since #44 replaced #43.

** This Sunday's guest lineup includes GOP national committeeman Mark Hillman on the RNC chairman race... state Sen. Ted Harvey on the Dems' legislative goals... and national security expert Marvin Hutchens on the dangerous world awaiting our untried commander in chief.

** From the left, we'll also talk with freshman Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO2)... as well as liberal columnist Susan Greene of the Denver Post.

Bummer, say some conservatives. The candidate we wanted didn't get our nomination, and the party we wanted didn't get the White House. I'm of good cheer anyway. The man I follow commanded it, with no sugar-coating. "In the world you will have tribulation," he said. "But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." If Obama & Warren can cite Scripture, why not us?

Yours for principle, JOHN ANDREWS