Tea reports from across Colorado

From Colorado Springs, Steamboat Springs, and Loveland, along with a terrific photo essay on Denver, here are more party reports as compiled by Karen Kataline and John Andrews. Sean Paige of Colorado Springs posted his report here. Reach him seanpaige@msn.com

Jennifer Schubert-Akin filed copy from Steamboat as shown below. Reach her at jschubertakin@marathonaccounting.com

Jack Rudd checked in from Loveland, also as shown below. Reach him at jgrudd@comcast.net

Plus a fotog friend of Karen's provides these pictures you'll love from the State Capitol event.

Today in Loveland, Colorado our "tea party" had about 1000 people...

lining the very busy streets near the intersection of federal highways 34 and 287.

For three hours there was very enthusiastic sign waving, flag waving, jumping and hollering, which a large percentage of motorists reciprocated with honking and waving and thumbs-up. There was a fife and drum group but no speakers. There was one guy trying (with not much success) to collect an e-mail list for the county Republicans, but (unlike at Denver) there were no politicians in evidence. This group was not "led" by anyone; although (like the other tea parties) it was probably inspired by Rick Santelli's famous rant on CNBC.

It was a very tidy group. People picked up their own trash, except that I did see a couple of teabags in the street.

I saw no pro-Bush or pro-Obama signs, and only one pro-Paul sign. About one car in 100 had a pro-Obama bumper sticker, and the drivers of these cars tended either to look puzzled or to scowl or to flip an obscene gesture.

Everyone seemed to be aware of the silly DHS "report" in advance of today's protests "warning" about all manner of potential right-wing extremism. Napolitano and company were so clueless (or politically clumsy, take your pick) that even the White House is reported to be distancing itself from the report. Thus many folks at today's rally were commenting jocularly about the great turnout of "right-wing extremists" and what a good omen that is for America.

Among the signs being waved:

"I'm the right-wing extremist that DHS warned you about."

"Government is the biggest pirate."

"Elephants and asses screwing the masses"

"Liberty is all the stimulus we need"

"Big government sucks"

"No to Socialism"

"You spent all the money we had"

"Born free, becoming slaves"

etc., etc., etc. There must have been 100 or more unique messages on the signs.

As expected, nobody I talked with saw any media presence at this protest. I guess the liberal MSM will just try to pretend that we were never here. Some protesters were taking pictures and film to prove otherwise on the Web.

Congratulations, all 200+ of you tea partiers who turned out in Steamboat Springs today!!!

We had downtown Steamboat Springs rockin' with calls for an end to HIGH TAXES AND OUT-OF-CONTROL GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!

With our Tea Party located immediately next to U.S. Hwy 40, which runs through the heart of downtown, we had constant horns honking and pumped fists from passing motorists and, especially, the truckers!!

And, our crowd loved the personalized recorded messages from Steve Moore at the Wall Street Journal and Dan Mitchell and Chris Edwards of The Cato Institute, as well as the inspiring messages delivered live in person by our local citizens.

And...Denver's NBC affilliate, 9News, even remarked on "the large protest outside the Routt County Courthouse in Steamboat Springs"!!

Now...to answer the dozens of you who came up to me after the rally and asked, "where do we go from here" and "how can we keep this going?".....

ANNOUNCING THE FORMATION OF THE: "1773 CLUB" This will be an informal, non-partisan group of citizens who will meet regularly to discuss the important issues facing our country. Please reply to let us know if you would be interested in participating and, if so.....

* How often would you like to meet? Monthly, bi-weekly, or other? * What time of day would work best for you? Breakfast, lunch or after work?

If there is sufficient interest, we will design "1773 Club" hats and shirts, which will surely annoy lots of liberal tax-and-spenders!!

Stay tuned for future announcements........

Jennifer Schubert-Akin jschubertakin@marathonaccounting.com Director - The Steamboat Institute (www.steamboatinstitute.org) Steamboat Springs, Colorado 970-871-9936