Giving peace a chance

Bill Kristol's piece today in the The Weekly Standard is a must-read for those who believe that the Obama Administration is playing fast and loose with our security. In the wake of the decision to release the details about our interrogation techniques during the Bush presidency, he quotes the current head of the CIA, Admiral Dennis Blair's attempts to provide some "perspective" to the decision to release this information: "(After 9/11) we did not have a clear understanding of the enemy we were dealing with, and our every effort was focused on preventing further attacks that would kill more Americans. It was during these months that the CIA was struggling to obtain critical information from captured al Qaida leaders, and requested permission to use harsher interrogation methods. The OLC memos make clear that senior legal officials judged the harsher methods to be legal.

"Those methods, read on a bright, sunny, safe day in April 2009, appear graphic and disturbing. As the President has made clear, and as both CIA Director Panetta and I have stated, we will not use those techniques in the future. But we will absolutely defend those who relied on these memos and those guidelines."

News Flash! It's a bright, sunny SAFE April, 2009! Peace is at hand!

For those who have been paying attention, a familiar pattern is emerging. The Obama Administration puts a high premium on symbols that are designed to show liberalism's kinder, gentler side. It has eliminated the term "war on terror" in favor of "overseas contingency operations" and has decided that even the word "terrorism" should be dropped in favor of "man-caused disasters". That's right: terrorism -- the brutal act of murder in the name of radicalism -- is now on par with global warming, globalization and other man-made problems.

Now in an effort to appease the left -- which is always extremely sensitive to the way things look and sound -- it has decided to let us (and the terrorists -- er, the purveyors of man-caused disasters) know that we will never use the techniques of enhanced interrogation again. For Obama and his merry appeasers, the mea culpa has become de rigueur: "we have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history" said the president in his statement announcing the release of the interrogation details. That's right: to this president, exposing murderers to loud music, cold temperatures and harmless bugs is dark and painful. I wonder if Daniel Pearl, beheaded by Khalid Sheik Muhammad (one of those "tortured") would agree?

It's all too much to stomach, really. The left again shows naivete in its understanding of the enemy we face by apologizing for tactics that have been a vital and necessary component of keeping the nation safe. Of course, those on the left never thought we were at war to begin with, so the change in tone and nomenclature is really more than a rebuke of George Bush. It is designed to right the terrible wrongs done to all those detainees caught up in the path of American imperialism. 

Do you think the purveyors of man-caused disasters will also give peace a chance?