Car Tax Backlash: Podcast & Links

Our Aug. 20 radio special noted that while DC politicians are talking in trillions, folks in Colorado are steamed about a $32 vehicle fee hike and a $100 late penalty. We looked at the FASTER bill for highway funding, source of this uproar. And we talked about the impact angry motorists may have on next year’s legislature and the 2010 election. "Under the Dome: Car Tax Backlash" was my latest issue special on 710 KNUS in Denver. Click here for the podcast.

It's a full record of my conversation with former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, Colorado gubernatorial candidates Scott McInnis & Josh Penry, Arapahoe County Clerk Nancy Doty, and tax-cut petition advocate Jeff Gross. Judicial reformer Matt Arnold joined me for the interviews.

Doty's recent article on the backlash as felt in her motor vehicle section is linked here.

Info on Gross's petition, which would roll back the vehicle fees, cut the state income tax, and do away with most phone taxes, is at

Info on Arnold's campaign to dismiss four activist judges from the Colorado Supreme Court, which erased the distinction between fees and taxes in 2008 decision, is at