Extinction, Chicago style

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Chicago muscle tactics spread to new areas of formerly-free America week by week. Now comes Obama's diversity czar for broadcasting, with a brazen confiscation scheme that could drive conservative radio to extinction. And you thought liberals cared about endangered species. Right-minded talk hosts don't evoke the same solicitude from President Hope & Change as a polar bear on his iceberg or the little Delta smelt on prime California farmland. But you won't hear any whiny victim noises from us at Backbone Radio. We'll be cheerfully on the air for liberty until Axelrod axes us. Bring it on.

** This Sunday as the congressional recess rolls on, with many Obamacare backers wishing it was over, we'll talk with Mark Hillman, GOP national committeeman for Colorado, about the Democrats' woes.

** Faith-based and proud of it, our show will also feature Rabbi Daniel Zucker with a report on democracy vs. Islam and Archbishop Charles Chaput with insights from his new political book, "Render to Caesar."

** Plus former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore on the lessons for our state in 2010 from his state's "No Car Tax" campaign in 1997... with zingers from Scott McInnis and Josh Penry on the car tax backlash here.

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