Phelps introduces himself

Open Letter to Centennial Voters in District 1: My name is Ron Phelps, and I am running for Centennial City Council. This is my invitation for you to cast your October 13th mail-in ballot vote for me. If you attend the City Council meetings, you’ve probably seen me on some of the subcommittees or at neighborhood events. Based on my observations and all that I’ve learned, I think the city’s first priority should be to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely. After that, I think we have an obligation to honor the original vision for our city - small, citizen-focused government, low taxes and low government intrusion in our day-to-day lives.

SMALL, LIMITED GOVERNMENT - As our city continues to grow, we’re beginning to experience some growing pains as we find the balance between individuals’ rights and thoughtful policies that benefit our entire community. Keeping Centennial’s government small and limited in its authority is important. I will fight to protect against big government.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - We need new, creative ideas to entice small business into our city. For example, one businessman suggested that waiving some initial startup fees might be enough to entice more growth. More growth means more jobs and a broader tax base. More business-generated tax revenue will help all of us. I will work to bring new business to Centennial.

QUALITY OF LIFE - Maintaining our quality of life includes keeping us safe and protecting our property values. The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department does a great job of protecting our kids, homes and neighborhoods. I will work to ensure that the city upholds its responsibility to work closely with the Sheriff to monitor the changing needs of our community.

THE BOTTOM LINE- I’m a small- and limited-government kind of guy, and a fiscal conservative. I look forward to continuing to work with residents and Centennial’s businesses to address these and other important issues (seniors’ issues, better transportation, open and transparent stewardship).

I have experience as a businessman, and am a United States Air Force veteran. I volunteer on two Centennial citizen committees: the Open Space and Parks committee, and the Land Use Southglenn Area Steering committee. Additionally, I am currently serving on the Arapahoe County Citizen Budget Committee, an appointed position, and I represent the Southglenn Civic Association at CenCON.. Together, all of my experience enables me to add value quickly in doing the business of City Council.

I am 50, a father and grandfather. I’ve enjoyed serving my country, city and neighborhood. I look forward to further serving you and the city of Centennial on City Council.

I'm Ron Phelps and I need your vote. Let’s work together to keep our government small and limited, fiscally conservative, and keep Centennial a great place to live.

Respectfully, Ron Phelps City Council Candidate Centennial – District 1 Website - email -