Teacher's Desk: Rx Common Sense

Editor: Some think health policy is terribly complex. Some think all teachers lean left. Both notions are disproved by Kathy Kullback, who usually writes on education issues from her classroom vantage point, but demonstrates here how readily the health riddle yields to market logic. Don't Overthink the Health Issue

I wonder why all the people in Congress and all the White House people can’t figure the health care thing out.

Yes, health care is expensive. Yes, there is a pre-existing condition clause in most policies. Yes, most of us get our policies through our employers. And yes, our employers can only purchase from the companies allowed to do business in our state.

But do we need to revamp the entire thing? NO!

Make insurance companies compete for business by opening up markets. Allow companies and individuals to purchase from insurance companies doing business in the other 49 states. Take away the pre-existing condition clause, but in fairness, allow for a higher yet fair deductible when covering those conditions.

Cap malpractice settlements nationwide (Colorado does so already.) Pro-rate the working poor without insurance and let them buy into Medicaid.

Finally, build more medical schools opening up more seats for more prospective doctors. The field itself limits the amount of persons able to attend medical school. When the field becomes flooded, prices should fall.

If Obamacare’s public option becomes the law of the land, there will be rationing of services and doctors. Medical facilities will need to triage patient care---it could be you or a loved one that gets left out because they never planned for more doctors and licensed care-givers.