Jihad in Colorado: Hear the Podcast

With the Zazi terrorist plot uncovered in Aurora, suddenly Sept. 11 doesn't seem so long ago and Afghanistan doesn't seem so far away. Gov. Ritter has called on Coloradans to be vigilant. Such Islamic doctrines as jihad and sharia aren't merely religious concepts, they are a political agenda. We dare not ignore the radical Muslim goals of bringing the war to our homeland and ultimately dominating America. Listeners got a sobering closeup of this life-and-death issue from my Oct. 22 issue special on 710 KNUS in Denver. Click to hear the podcast.

"Under the Dome: Jihad Comes to Colorado" is my conversation with David Petteys, chairman of the Denver chapter of Act for America (the citizens lobby led by Brigitte Gabriel) and Centennial Institute policy analyst Susan Brown.

This is the latest edition of a citizens alert we're now doing monthly for Colorado conservatives. Thanks for listening!