Myth Busters

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What people think they know that isn't so, even more than what they simply don't know, is often the biggest problem in self-government, Ronald Reagan liked to say. Our show this Sunday takes on five overheated myths, correcting them with cold fact to help you make a difference politically. Is global warming a crisis and our fault? Is Islam a religion of peace? Is light rail the ideal transportation solution? Are old white guys the face of the Republican Party? Does public education put the public interest first? The answers would be no, no, no, no, and no. Tune in and call in... the number is 303.696.1971... as I do some myth-busting with:

5:10 Laura Boggs, Republican for Jefferson County School Board

5:20 David Petteys, Act for America chapter chairman

5:30 Ryan Frazier, Republican for 7th Congressional District

6:00 Phelim McAleer, the film producer climate alarmists fear most

6:30 Dennis Polhill, expert on the debacle that is FasTracks

7:00 Susan Brown, researcher on Muslim Brotherhood subversion (plus David Petteys again)

Yours for guiltless carbon dioxide, JOHN ANDREWS