Let's Redistribute Los Sols' Wealth

A brilliant marketing campaign was undertaken yesterday in Arizona in response to the bravery of Gov. Jan Brewer and her State Legislators.It's probably prudent to acknowledge first of all that the rage over the Arizona illegal immigration law would not be nearly as boisterous if Gov. Jan Brewer were not a Republican.  This issue isn't about race for most Americans; it's about abiding by our existing laws.  Conversely, for most in the Democrat Party, the entertainment industry and professional sports teams, it's about their disdain for the Right Wing, hatred of Tea Party goers and a lust for making money off of a crisis. Rev. Al Sharpton supported capitalism yesterday by helping buy up newly printed game jerseys for the Arizona Suns.  Arms linked, Rev. Al and his collection of community agitators walked the streets of Phoenix to protest the opinion of most Americans that we need strict enforcement of our immigration laws; that we can no longer afford to provide expensive entitlements for millions of people not legally here, and we certainly can no longer tolerate the flow of dangerous criminals threatening our safety.  Never letting a crisis go to waste, Rev. Al and all the folks demanding equal rights for non-citizens probably did not offer their sympathy to the rancher recently murdered on his own property by illegals, and I haven't seen him marching in Denver offering solace to the families of Colorado residents murdered at the hands of persons here illegally.  This recent display of Rev. Al's compassion and demand for justice is the typical  one-way street, and yet he believes himself to be someone to be revered.  At least he got a really cool new basketball jersey for his effort.

MSNBC is gleeful this morning because the Suns' won their game last night over the Spurs and they weren't subtle in suggesting those "Los Suns" jerseys had something to do with it.  God is at work, even on the basketball court.  Surely, there was Divine Intervention sent to strike down the work of evil doers that wish to see law, order and justice maintained while blessings abound for those entrepreneurs making lots of money off the new jerseys and such.

The Chicago White Sox organization doesn't want to show up at play-off games in Phoenix, the Suns' have made their political statement, the Denver School District isn't going to confiscate tax dollars to send administrators to expensive retreats and seminars in Arizona and elected officials across the country ranging from the lowliest city council member to the man holding the highest office in the land all are linking arms in solidarity with Rev. Al.   Just last week the President stated he didn't think Congress has the stomach right now to tackle immigration reform, but this morning after that invigorating win by Los Sols', Mr. Obama has found his own stomach tonic and is ready to rumble, saying he's going to hope for some change in immigration policy before the end of this year. 

It would be nice for the Phoenix Suns' to lead by example.  Why not allow anyone to walk into a game without having a ticket?  If I showed up and said I didn't have a purchased ticket but I want to exercise my human right to enjoy the game and fruits of others' labor, shouldn't I be allowed to walk right in?  Wouldn't it be discrimination and profiling if I were denied admission simply because I didn't have the money to pay and I look suspiciously like a person that might go to a Tea Party?   Why continue to require persons to go through security clearance and make sure they aren't carrying a weapon?  Isn't that a violation of civil rights?  Why not  invite all to imbibe and eat as much as they wish at concession stands without having to pay and make sure all the high-priced souvenirs are free for the asking?  Last week the President asked how much money do people really need to make anyway, and it seems fitting and proper for the well paid basketball players in Phoenix to step up first with an answer.  Let their answer be that they make too much money, they should no longer collect royalties for the use of their names or faces and let's just all take what we need and want because as long as we have rich athletes and overpaid, ridiculously wealthy Hollywood stars willingly donating their fortunes, why should the common man work hard to save up for a ticket to a big game?  Why shouldn't tickets for professional sporting events and movies be free?  Why should hardworking, middle class families be expected to pay for beer and hot dogs at the ballgame and why should a child living in a low income housing project not have a closet full of pro team jerseys at no cost?

 The idea won't work because some wet blanket tea party-type will spoil the fun by pointing out that if everyone doesn't pay their way into a game or movie and support the people selling food and soveniors, eventually those industries will collapse and cease to exist.  Hollywood stars and music icons won't work hard to entertain us for very long if they aren't paid for their effort, and pro athletes won't amaze us with their God-given talent if they don't get a nice paycheck in return.  Darn.  It sounded like a really good plan there for awhile.

Whether its actor Russell Crowe that spoke out yesterday that he's all in favor of redistribution of wealth (his wealth  made off his new Robin Hood movie excluded, no doubt), the Phoenix Suns or Al Sharpton, they will make all the politically correct noise they can but as is always the case in the Land of Liberalism, its YOUR money and MINE they intend to redistribute.  They'll throw a few bucks here and there for charity while Entertainment Tonight camera's are rolling, but rest assured, they will hold onto the bulk of THEIR wealth.  The rules only apply to the average taxpayer trying to care for his own that is the target.