The Oil Slick of Liberalism

Navy Seal Matt McCabe awaits trial for defending his country; Rev. Franklin Graham still hasn't heard back from the Commander-in-Chief about reversing the ban on Mr. Graham at the National Day of Prayer event at the Pentagon, and Freddie Mac needs another bailout.Sounds like more of that change we're supposed to buy into.  Let's all continue to pray for young Matt McCabe that he, too, will be acquitted and that he can forgive his country for questioning his patriotism and personal sacrifice to keep us safe. Rev. Franklin Graham and his father, the beloved Rev. Billy Graham, generously and graciously received Barack Obama last week for a photo op so it would look as though Mr. Obama wanted to reach out to the Graham family in friendship following a drone attack on the Christian faith by the military.  During their chat, Rev. Graham spoke to Mr. Obama about being disinvited to offer prayers for Mr. Obama and all our leadership, our military, our nation and the world at the Pentagon today.  Mr. Obama assured Mr. Graham that he'd "look into it".  Barack Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military.  He can invite and disinvite any person he chooses to speak at a gathering at the Pentagon.  Was it Mr. Obama himself that sent down the order to make sure the Christian faith was not represented by Rev. Graham or was it one of his handlers, perhaps the same guy that had images of Christ covered up at Georgetown University last year during a presidential speech? Rev. Graham vows to show up today on the lawn of the Pentagon and exercise his right to free speech on this National Day of Prayer and he will pray in the name of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in spite of White House objection.

The subject of financial reform and breaking monopolies on Wall Street has taken a back seat these day due to an oil rig explosion, a law enforcing the law in Arizona and an attempted car bomb in Times Square.  The heated rhetoric and threats from the Administration in recent weeks to make sure nobody in the financial sector makes more money than the federal government deems appropriate has all but died away in recent days; there are more pressing issues.  That must be the reason that the news of Freddie Mac asking for over a $10 billion in bailout from us to overcome first quarter losses is only getting a notice in the crawler news at the bottom of TV screens this morning.  They've had at least $50 billion handed over to help balance their books but apparently that wasn't enough to cause Tim Geithner and his crew to shake up the leadership and demand the money changers come before Congressional grilling.  In fact, this Administration is so unconcerned about the waste, fraud and abuse coming from Fannie and Freddie, they've recommended quick passage of law to discipline every other entity involved in the mortgage industry and that they'll take a look at Fannie and Freddie "sometime in the next year."    The banks that so outrage this Administration actually have paid most or all of their borrowed money back; but Fannie and Freddie just keep asking for more and it somehow isn't headline news.

Pray, America.