I'm for the ticket. Aren't you?

"For Governor of Colorado in these tough times, Dan Maes the Tea Party conservative beats John Hickenlooper the Park Hill liberal hands down. I'm for Dan as every Republican should be." That's the formal statement I have just provided the Maes campaign to use as they see fit. My favorable and unfavorable words about Dan in recent weeks are all on record at this blog for anybody to sort out as desired.

Bottom line, the GOP nominating process has twice endorsed this indomitable Man from Middle America, and my regard for his unlikely achievement, along with my bone-deep party loyalty, prompts me to add my support to that of a couple hundred thousand fellow Coloradans who supported him Tuesday.

In coming aboard with Maes, I'm affirming my belief that he would be a better chief executive for our state, all things considered, than either Hickenlooper or Tancredo -- and my belief that a fractured, embittered Republican Party in Colorado must be avoided at all costs.

It's better avoided if we stand with Dan, even in what may well be a losing cause, than if we bolt and go with Tom in what will surely be his losing cause. These are the times that try men's souls. How will history judge us?