America is Calling: Support Ken Buck has Ken Buck in their crosshairs.  The Independent, the left wing newspaper out of Colorado Springs is ridiculing Rasmussen so readers will discredit his polling data. Ken Buck's victory on Tuesday night set off a firestorm that quickly spread beyond Colorado.  As typically occurs, once election results are known, the losing camp sulks off to lick their wounds and pout for a bit.  Buck people would have done the same had Norton won.  It's normal and allowed and with the amount of passion and intensity that went into these campaigns, anything less that heartbreak would be abnormal.

It's Friday now and the sun has continued to rise each morning since Ken Buck was handed the banner of victory.  While Norton supporters have sulked, the progressive Democrats have been busy concocting a game plan to defeat Ken Buck.  Can Ken win in November?  Of course, he can.  He defied all odds by winning the primary.  He habitually ran behind in polling, fundraising, name recognition and high-profile endorsements.  The results should have been different on Tuesday night if all the typical political markers had held strong.

The enormously powerful and well-funded 527, "Grow Our Party" hand-picked Mrs. Norton and funneled millions into Colorado in the way of TV ads and mailers.  Some of their effort worked.  There were voters that changed their mind from Ken to Jane based on the ad campaign from "G.O.P."   It's time for G.O.P. to realize their efforts worked to some degree, so this is no time to pull out of Colorado. They need to mount an attack against the forces that would defeat Ken Buck.

Ken Buck has what it takes to defeat Michael Bennet.  He will be excellent in debates and he does not waiver in his positions.  He is extremely personable and likable and time and again, people he met on the stump would comment that if people actually heard him in person, shook his hand and looked him in the eye, they couldn't help but see his sincerity, integrity and deep commitment to fight for his country.  He has a very appealing demeanor; there is nothing elite or pretentious about him which is why he immediately lead the pack among the grassroots voters that are tired and frustrated with establishment Republicans.  Another common thought that echoed throughout the primary campaign was the fact that many Republicans no longer trust their county chairs and people in higher authority in the party.  After all, it was on their watch that the Republicans suffered defeats in '06 and '08.  Why keep following a game plan that is proven to fail?

Jane Norton needs to come out in a bold way and call upon all her supporters to not just stand with Ken Buck with their vote, but to donate.  This race is going to be all about money.  Ken Buck needs a war chest to strike back when lies are told and attacks are levied toward him. 

Our country is calling.  We need to replace Michael Bennet with the people's choice, Ken Buck.  He won.  He can do the job but he needs the assistance of an entire nation that understands how crucial his conservative vote is in the U.S. Senate. 

Go to to donate, volunteer and get involved.  There will be another election in 6 years.  If you aren't happy with Ken Buck at that point, you have another shot at putting someone in Washington that you'd prefer.  But for now, Ken Buck is our candidate.  We can support him 100% and do our best to turn the tide of this Administration, or we can sit it out because we didn't get the candidate we wanted.  If you choose the latter, you've already cast a vote for Michael Bennet and more of Obama's progressive agenda.