Which One Should Fly the Plane?

With some Republicans' disavowal of Donald Trump in the wake of lurid new evidence on video dramatizing his well-known sexual coarseness, friends have asked if I still support his candidacy.  I absolutely do, and here's my reasoning. 

For weeks I have been telling media audiences and political groups that Trump is my 100th choice for president.  As of this week he is my 200th choice. His foul mouth (and mind) are inexcusable.  

But Hillary remains my 1000th choice, and her chilling anti-constitutional agenda for the Supreme Court, voiced in the latest debate, is but one of many reasons why.

Some may use their vote for virtue signaling, but I use mine to choose the president who will harm America the least, and that is clearly Donald Trump.

This is about electing someone to fly the plane with best chance of not taking us down.  

I lament the sad state of our beloved country in which the options are so distasteful. But the flawed and dissolute businessman is a better risk by far than the criminally corrupt, conscienceless career political climber.

And there is no third option.

I was praying for my political side and my preferred candidate, woefully imperfect as he is, every day. Then recently a friend challenged me to pray for both sides and all the candidates.  

He was right, and I am now earnestly doing it day by day. Perhaps you and I can agree on that, if on nothing else.