Voting Ethically: Three Views

 If you're like me -- a Republican, a Christian, a constitutionalist, and a conservative -- you are probably supporting Donald Trump for president, or at least leaning that way.  

But also like me, you have probably been shaken by mounting accusations (and evidence) of Trump's immorality.

What does voting ethically look like in our troubled nation in 2016? Let me call your attention to three thoughtful, but contrasting, articles on this difficult question. 

Andy Crouch, editor of Christianity Today, wrote an impassioned editorial making no recommendation of whom to support, but seeming to signal that the ethical thing to do is either to vote for Hillary Clinton as the less-objectionable candidate, or not to vote at all. See what you think of his piece, "Speak Truth to Trump."

But Eric Metaxas, the distinguished biographer of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, now helping lead the public-policy ministry of the late Chuck Colson, made the opposite case in a Wall Street Journal article last weekend.  Trump is the better choice even with all his flaws, writes Metaxas in "Should Christians Vote for Trump?" (If WSJ gated content is unavailable, a synopsis is here.)

His argument was bolstered by a D. C. McAllister article on PJ Media directly rebutting the Andy Crouch warning that Christians voting "strategically" for the candidate we think will do less harm are taking an idolatrous approach to earthly politics.  Here's her cogent piece, "Voting for Trump is not Idolatry."

I come down with Metaxas and McAllister.  Trump will have my vote.  I hope he has yours.