You and Me and Flight 93

Is America in grave danger from a Hillary Clinton presidency and long-term dominance of America's institutions by the progressive left, or not?  

If not, we can afford analysis paralysis on the right, eventuating in Never Trump or Gamble on Gary or stay home -- or even Heck, Hillary, It's Yours.  

But if that grave danger is real, then all who call themselves Republicans and conservatives and patriots had better get serious and take a chance on Trump, risky and distasteful as that may be. Because there is no acceptable alternative.  The logic is inescapable.

Such is the argument of a Claremont Institute commentator in last week's widely noticed piece entitled -- apocalyptically but not, in my opinion, inaptly, "The Flight 93 Election."

It's time to, in his bracing words, "charge the cockpit." Because there is for us (granting the main premise), as there was for Todd Beamer and his brave fellow passengers on 9/11 fifteen years ago, no acceptable alternative.  The logic is grim, but I find it inescapable.  And you?