Helen Morgan for DA: Why it matters

As a Centennial resident, I don’t take a lot of interest in Denver races.  But as an American alarmed at the widespread undermining of law enforcement — and the father of a police officer — I am struck by the stark contrast between this year’s two candidates for Denver District Attorney.  

Beth McCann, the Democrat, is a career politician who hasn’t worked as a prosecutor since 1983.  Helen Morgan, the independent, has been prosecuting criminals in Denver continuously since 1994.  

Helen Morgan spoke eloquently at a recent Denver Republican breakfast and made a number of converts. I’m convinced that if elected she will help make the community safer — just the opposite of that awful inflammatory DA in Baltimore.  And I’m impressed by Helen's numerous endorsements, including the Pollce Protective Association.

You can learn more about Helen’s qualifications and positions at www.HelenMorganforDA.com.  Running without a party organization, she really needs help from concerned citizens like you and me, wherever we happen to live.

I am enthusiastically endorsing Helen Morgan and making a donation. I hope you will do the same.