Three reasons to be undaunted

Three reasons to be undaunted, even though election night in Colorado was grim for Republicans.

(1) Politics is not war. Defeat isn't death. We rise to compete again. Our adversity is opportunity & their success is temptation. They're not our enemy.

(2) Still politics is not optional. They have a permanent campaign, so must we. It's not our life, but it's part of the cost of living.

(3) Yet politics is not ultimate either. It's but a means to the moral & spiritual choices we make that foster community in this world and blessedness in the next.

"They that are signed of the Cross of Christ go gaily in the dark," said Chesterton. So we shall!

Adapted from my remarks at a post-election panel hosted by Centennial Institute, Thursday evening 11/8 at Colorado Christian University. Moderator was Jeff Hunt (left). My fellow panelists were former Speaker Frank McNulty and Hadley Heath Manning of the Independent Women’s Forum

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